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школьная компания, приглашающая к нам на практику иностранных студентов, изучающих английский и немецкий языки. Практикуются и студенты и наши ученики и учителя. 

Одним из самых ярких творческих проектов  AIESEC SCHOOL COMPANI является организация летнего лагеря «Discovery Days»

(«Время открытий»)

Суть: иностранный студент работает в лагере, проводит уроки английского

языка, проводит тренинги на такие  темы, как:


Права человека.

Система образования в разных странах.

Значимость английского языка в мире.



Friends forever!

Russia an amazing experience

In 2011 I choose to make exchange to any country in Europe, even in Russia. After some research and conversations with friends about it,  I was in doubt between Russia and Poland. During a talk with friend about Russia, my friend told me that if I really wanted to travel to Russia I would go to Izhevsk because it is a beautiful city with friendly people.

During my first days I just knew few words because it was really hard to learn Russian language without face Russian culture and some places where I should go. In the first week I visited Main Square and Monument of Friendship, they may be simple places but really beautiful. During next weeks I visited St. Michael`s Cathedral, Chekeril Ski resort to practice snowboarding, one of the best moments in the city, and also Kalashnikov`s Museum where I saw different weapons and had opportunity to shoot with AK,  weapon created by M. Kalashnikov. I have also faced some problems with language and culture specially in public places but I am happy that I faced them and learned to accept such differences.

Gustavo Rago




Russian is a very different and beautiful country for me. Since I`m brazilian the first impression was about the weather: for us is very cold!

I worked in three schools and it was a very nice experience because I shared with the children and teachers some facts about my culture and I learned a lot about Russian education, costumes and culture.

The educational system of Russia is very different for us because our basic education is very bad and here I saw that is very good. All kids have the opportunity to study in a good school with good teachers and this is very good for the formation of adults.

All people that I met here in Izhevsk was very friendly with me, so I fell great about this. I love fell in love about this city because this city remember mine, have almost the same size and the people is friendly.

I hope that I can come back some day to keep learning about your culture and your people! Thanks for everything!

Diogo Hemriques Portes



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